Why You Should Buy NZ Made Protein


Why You Should Buy NZ Made Protein

If you’re tossing up which protein powder to buy, read this article first.

Contrary to popular belief, you can buy top quality protein powder without spending an arm and a leg.

American brands might have you believe that their products are superior but in reality they are just good marketers.

New Zealand products are amazing quality and much cheaper (since we don’t have to import them).

Here are four reasons why you should purchase your protein from trusty NZ.

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Strict regulations

Proteins made in New Zealand must comply with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

There are rules around use of unsafe ingredients and prohibitions on false health claims.

Basically the law states that any ingredients in your protein powder must match what is on the label.

This is important because many brands, like Musclepharm, have been sued for misrepresenting the amount of protein in their products.

When buying supplements you should be able to trust that you are getting what is promised on the label.

New Zealand’s strict supplement regulations mean you are getting what you pay for.

If a product makes health claims they must be substantiated or else the MPI will investigate.

strict regulations

Support local

Supporting local Kiwi businesses is important, especially during this pandemic.

When you buy New Zealand made products you are helping the local economy and ensuring Kiwis like you stay employed.

Buying your protein powder made from New Zealand companies is arguably a patriotic act.

There is no good reason to give your money to offshore suppliers when you can give it to hardworking New Zealanders and contribute to our country’s economic growth.

local dairy farmer and cows

Sourced from New Zealand dairy

If you’re getting a whey protein from New Zealand, you can be sure it is made from healthy, grass fed cattle.

New Zealand has a good reputation in the dairy industry for a reason.

Our temperate climate and pasture raised cows produce tasty milk that is rich in nutrients like omega 3 and beta-carotene.

It seems silly that consumers would purchase American proteins that use factory farmed cow products when they could get much better quality closer to home.

dairy cows on grass

Better for the environment

Purchasing products from overseas means it has to travel a long distance before it reaches our shores.

This costs money but also requires a decent amount of fossil fuels.

Reducing your food miles is an easy way to help the environment. Additionally, getting products from other countries to New Zealand takes a long time.

You don’t know how long your protein powder has been sitting in transit for.

Buying locally means you are more likely to be getting fresher products.

Not only is buying NZ made better for you, it is better for the planet.

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If the previous reasons aren’t enough to convince you then here is one more; New Zealand protein tastes really good.

Our products are excellent quality, great value for money, but most importantly delicious.

If you don’t want to commit to a whole pack of protein powder, then grab a sample and see for yourself.

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