Sample - Yeast Protein

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Protein.


$2.50 (NZD)

Yeast protein is a new product that's innovative and environmentally friendly. It's extracted by fermentation and, unlike animal and plant proteins, is not influenced by climate and environment.

It has a taste and texture that's similar to pea protein.


  • Complete protein with similar protein content to whey and pea
  • Contains all essential amino acids and high in BCAAs for muscle growth and repair
  • Digestibility PDCAAS score is the same as whey and higher than plant based proteins
  • Slow digesting to provide amino acids to the body steadily
  • Source of dietary fibre for gut health
  • Animal free, GMO free, pesticide free, gluten free, dairy free, and allergen free
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable source of protein
  • Good alternative to plant and animal based proteins

Mixing Instructions

This product mixes easily in a hand-shaker or with a spoon but it's always good practice to add liquid before the powder.

Each sachet contains one serving (31.25g). Mix entire sachet in 300-400ml of water or your favourite milk.

Where Do I Get Yeast Protein?

We manufacture our own brand of products. Our yeast protein is here. It's discounted in bulk and we dispatch fast with 2-3 courier pickups each business day.

Because we are the manufacturer and an internet based retailer, our overheads are lower and we have driven the price of protein powders down in New Zealand. There is no need for protein to be overly expensive.

When buying from us, you are supporting a local New Zealand owned and operated company.

Please note that this product is processed in a facility that also handles milk, egg, soy, peanut, and gluten ingredients.

Rated 4/5 Based on 6 customer reviews.

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I thought the flavour, Chocolate Caramel, was really good. However, the powder did not blend well at all. I had more of a gritty texture, similar to un-micronized creatine.
Review by: Justin on Tue, Jun 4, 2024 8:40 AM
Flavour was ok, they blend well into smoothies.

But, after having both the unflavoured and choc flavour I am burping for hours and it tastes like I ate hard boiled eggs.
Review by: Bryan on Fri, Feb 16, 2024 2:42 PM
I liked the caramel flavour and gentle on stomach but i like protein powder that fluffs up and thjs does not. Great flavour though.
Review by: Anonymous on Thu, Sep 14, 2023 4:56 PM
God tier protein, I will definitely purchase when bulk deals are available. (Choc Caramel was yummy)
Review by: Ed on Wed, Aug 30, 2023 9:43 AM
Great smooth, creamy flavour. Thank you for sample sizes. I will be ordering this one in bulk when I run out of my current Pea Protein.
Review by: Anonymous on Mon, Aug 14, 2023 2:16 PM
I tried the 'unflavoured' - super creamy and yummy in my opinion, very finely ground powder. Love that it is a 'waste product'.
Review by: Anonymous on Wed, Aug 9, 2023 11:38 AM