Do You Need A Fat Burner?


Do You Need A Fat Burner?

Most supplement brands these days offer a fat burner product that promises to make you lean and shredded. These powders do this by increasing your energy expenditure and speeding up the rate at which your body metabolises fat. Many argue these products are unnecessary however they can be effective when used correctly. If you’re unsure about fat burners and want to know whether they actually work for you, read below. This article will explain the ingredients contained in our NZProtein fat burner and whether you will benefit from trying it out.

Fix Your Diet First

Before you hit that add to cart button, ask yourself whether your training and nutrition is on point. Taking supplements won’t make a difference if your diet sucks and you’re not exercising. The key to fat loss is consuming less calories than you burn. Taking fat burner supplements won’t cancel out the fact that you’re eating too much food. If you're just starting out on your fitness journey, work on instilling healthy habits first. Make small nutritional changes and get into a routine of training regularly. However if you’re already killing it on the food and exercise front, a fat burner can help you go the extra mile.

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Now it’s time to discuss what ingredients make the NZ Fat Burner an effective product. Caffeine is included in our formula for two reasons. Firstly, because it speeds up your metabolism. Studies show that caffeine consumption jumpstarts the process of lipolysis (a.k.a the breakdown of fats into the bloodstream). Basically, it enables your body to metabolise fat for energy faster than it normally would. For those concerned with fat burning, this is important. The second reason we include it is because caffeine makes you feel energised. It is a powerful stimulant and there are countless studies backing up its efficacy as an ergogenic aid. Taking it before a workout will help you lift heavier and train for longer. The ability to push harder during a workout means you are more likely to lose those extra, unwanted kilos.

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Cayenne Extract

Cayenne extract is a spicy ingredient which comes from the capsicum annuum plant. The bioactive ingredient in it called capsaicin is renowned for its thermogenic properties. Not only does it speed up your metabolism, it also reduces appetite and cravings. Studies show that taking capsaicin can increase the number of calories you burn after eating a meal. It also encourages your body to metabolise fat into energy at a faster rate; similar to what caffeine does. If you think your pre-workout tastes a little bit spicy, it is likely the cayenne pepper extract causing that sensation. This ingredient literally puts the ’burn’ in the ‘fat burner’.

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Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is an ingredient derived from an Asian fruit. It contains a chemical called HCA which has been linked to fat loss due to its effect on appetite. Although the effect is minor, studies show that garcinia cambogia can cause an increase in serotonin levels. This increase in feel good chemicals caused the subjects in the study to feel fuller after meals. They experienced weight loss as a byproduct of taking the supplement. Another study found that garcinia cambogia helps reduce the accumulation of body fat around the tummy region. Although more conclusive research needs to be done, it can’t hurt to put this ingredient in a fat burner because it’s generally safe and can make positive changes to your physique.

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Green Tea Leaf Extract

You’ll struggle to find a good pre-workout that doesn’t contain some green tea extract because it has so many proven benefits. Firstly, green tea comes with antioxidants that can help boost your metabolism. It also naturally contains caffeine which has a thermogenic effect on the body. Basically, it increases your energy expenditure and thus facilitates weight loss. Not only can green tea help you perform better in the gym, it speeds up your recovery at the same time. This study, along with many others, found that green tea supplementation mitigates the amount of muscle damage in athletes. In addition to its fat burning properties, green tea supplements can also improve blood pressure compared to placebo. Clearly it is far more than just a tasty beverage. Green tea can help you train hard and recover harder.

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L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

L-Carnitine is an amino acid typically found in meat. It comes in a few different varieties. The L-Tartrate type is most commonly used in supplements because it gets absorbed faster than any other kind. We included this ingredient in our fat burner because it benefits your body in a number of different ways. Not only can it improve depression and sperm quality, L-carnitine also reduces muscle fatigue and helps your body convert fat into energy. Some argue it is not a very potent fat loss supplement however the pros outweigh the cons and it’s very safe to take. More research needs to be done but what we have so far shows that supplementation promotes fat loss in obese people as well as the general population. If you’re trying to shed some extra fat, a bit of L-carnitine might be able to help you on that journey.

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Similar to L-Carnitine, tyrosine is another amino acid that plays various roles in the body. Primarily it regulates a number of hormones like dopamine and adrenaline. The main benefits associated with tyrosine are brain related. Supplementation can improve mental performance and enable you to make better decisions under stressful conditions. Although these benefits aren’t directly related to fat burning, this amino acid is beneficial in a pre-workout because it can improve your mood and help you last longer during workouts. Obviously those who can train harder will also be in a better position to shed body fat. This is why tyrosine is included in the NZProtein fat burner.


Chromium is a mineral responsible for doing a few things in the body such as the metabolism of sugar and regulation of insulin. You can get chromium through foods or in supplement form. Studies show that taking it can help reduce food cravings and insatiable hunger. It’s not an overly potent substance but it can make a difference for those who frequently succumb to binge eating. If you are trying to lose fat and are adhering to a calorie deficit, you might notice an increase in cravings for junk food. Chromium can be useful in this situation as it mitigates those hankerings for junk. Obviously if you are suffering from serious hunger pangs on a regular basis, you might not be eating enough in general. However if it’s just the odd craving you’re trying to manage, chromium could definitely help you out.

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Piper Nigrum

Piper nigrum, a.k.a black pepper, contains a nutrient called piperine. This ingredient is included because it assists with absorption. It is not a fat burning chemical in itself however it will maximise the efficiency of the product. The inclusion of piper nigrum helps the other ingredients get to where they need to go in a short space of time. When it comes to supplements, efficiency is important because it means you can take less of the product and still get a good result. Don’t waste money on products that fail to do what they say they will. Pick the ones that are appropriately dosed and they’ll last you a very long time.

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How To Take

We recommend taking your fat burner prior to a morning gym session. This is the best way to get the most out of the product. The caffeine will energise you for the workout but will be out of your system by the time you hit the sack. It is a thermogenic product so prepare to feel stimulated and sweaty. The tasty tropical flavour goes great in 300ml of cold water and it is an ideal, fruity replacement for your morning coffee. Don’t exceed more than two scoops a day and steer clear of this product if you are pregnant or lactating.

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Now you have everything you need to know about the ingredients included in the NZProtein fat burner. Remember that supplements like these do not guarantee weight loss. You can shed those extra kilos with diet and exercise alone. However if you’ve already put in 90% of the work and want that extra 10% difference, give our fat burner a go. It might just be the best pre-workout you’ve ever had.


Written by Lauren Carruthers