How To Stay Lean On Holiday


How To Stay Lean On Holiday

Obviously holidays are meant to be enjoyed but that doesn’t mean they have to derail you on your fat loss journey. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling like you’ve obliterated the healthy habits you worked so hard to instil. If you have a vacation planned and want to maintain your lean physique then read below. This blog will give you some handy tips that will help you enjoy your time away without losing the results you’ve already worked so hard for.

Walk Don’t Uber

It is common sense and also backed by research that people who walk more tend to be leaner individuals. Don’t waste money on Ubers and taxis when you can pound the pavement instead. A short drive is a great walk. Pick accommodation that is in close proximity from local shops, eateries and any landmarks you want to visit. That way you’ll be able to stroll everywhere you need to go. Not only will you be smashing your daily step goal, you'll also save money on transport costs. You won’t have to fuss about waiting for the bus and you’ll burn a few extra calories too.

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Try New Activities

Holidays are a chance to try new things. Look out for fun things to do that are also physically active. This could be stand up paddleboarding in Hawaii, yoga on the beach in Fiji or skiing down Mount Ruapehu. Try something that gets you out of your comfort zone that you wouldn’t usually do at home. This will make your holiday a more memorable experience and the physical activity will keep you fit. Action packed vacations are always more fun compared to lazing around on the hotel couch. Fit in as many activities as you can and it will make up for any gym sessions you’d typically do at home.

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Be Careful With The Alcohol

Drinking cocktails by the pool might look good on Instagram but it won’t do much for your health. Not only is alcohol calorie dense, it also leads to us feeling uninhibited resulting in poor food decisions. A bottle of Bintang on the beach in Bali will set you back 144 calories. These can add up very quickly if you’re not careful; especially if you’re snacking at the same time. For those serious about maintaining their lean physiques, ditch the drinks and stick to water or sugar free options. Not only will you avoid a gross hangover the next day, you’ll have more calories to dedicate to trying the local cuisine. Why waste your holiday feeling groggy after a few beverages when you can stick to water and feel your best? Not only will you save calories and money, you’ll feel healthier and be more likely to actually remember your trip away.

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Take Protein With You

Protein is the hardest macronutrient to get enough of when eating out. This is because items like meats and cheeses are expensive and restaurants would rather fill you up on cheap carbohydrates. In order to feel full and maintain muscle, you need to consume sufficient protein. Research tells us that people on low protein diets are more likely to have higher levels of belly fat compared to those who get enough. The best way to ensure you hit your daily quota is to bring your own protein shakes and snacks with you. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Rather than leaving it to chance, bring a few samples and easy snacks like NZProtein mallows with you. This will help you maintain that muscle you’ve worked so hard to put on and you’ll be less likely to overeat at dinner if you’ve consumed some protein throughout the day. You’ll also be less likely to overdo it at lunch if you’ve got an indulgent bag of protein mallows at your accommodation for dessert. Nutrition is the most important thing to nail if your goal is to stay lean. Prioritise the protein over carbs and fats and you will be setting yourself up for success.

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Try Skipping Breakfast

The myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day has been debunked. Of course if you enjoy breakfast, feel free to have it. But for those who are wanting a bigger lunch or dinner, it is wise to budget some calories for later in the day. Some people call this “intermittent fasting” but really it’s just being strategic with nutrition. People who prefer bigger meals can stay lean more easily by shortening their eating window. Instead of gorging yourself at the hotel breakfast buffet, why not walk to get a coffee and hold off eating until lunch? You will likely be too excited about your holiday activities to notice any hunger and you’ll also have more calories to play around with at those later meals.

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Choose Your Indulgences

In life, you can have anything you want but not everything. Just because you’re on holiday and out of routine, it doesn’t mean you have to indulge at every opportunity. Save your calories for the things you truly desire. Whenever you’re tasked with the decision of whether to have a treat, ask yourself “do I really REALLY want this?”. If the answer isn’t hell yes, it’s a no. Enjoying some calorie dense treats is fine on the odd occasion but doing it every meal for no good reason will leave you feeling sluggish and sad. Of course you should allow yourself a scoop of authentic Italian gelato when walking the streets of Rome. But don’t shove a few extra hash browns on your plate at the hotel buffet just because they’re free. Be intentional with your treats and don’t go overboard. Not only will this make your indulgences feel more meaningful, you’ll stay on track with your fat loss goals too.

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You don’t have to follow all of these tips but they will help you stay the course while on holiday. Vacations should be enjoyable but there is no reason they can’t be healthy too. Include a range of physically active pursuits and opt to walk everywhere instead of Ubering. Take some protein with you, consider a shorter eating window and be judicious with your treats. Follow these simple rules and you won’t have to worry about undoing any of that hard work.


Written by Lauren Carruthers