Sneaky Ways To Up Your Protein Intake


Sneaky Ways To Up Your Protein Intake

There are plenty of fish in the sea and there are even more reasons why you need to consume a sufficient amount of protein every day. Protein is essential for body weight regulation, muscle building, wound healing and bone health to name a few. Unfortunately most New Zealanders aren’t even aware of how much protein they need, let alone actually hitting the required amount. If you’re interested in effortless ways to increase your protein intake then read below.

Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is like cheesy protein seasoning. Most vegans will already know the benefits of this bright yellow sprinkle. It’s high in B12, low in calories and contains 47g of protein per 100g. Keep a packet of it in your pantry and sprinkle it over your veggies, eggs, salads, meats or nachos! Nutritional yeast is dairy free so those who don’t tolerate lactose very well can still enjoy that cheesy flavour.

nutritional yeast in bowl with salad

Add a Side of Egg Whites

The white of the egg (called albumen) is one of the leanest sources of protein in existence. 18 calories of egg whites contains 4 grams of protein. Not to mention they are low fat and contain all the essential amino acids. By adding a side of scrambled egg whites to your meals, you can drastically boost the protein content. Another yummy idea is to scramble some egg whites in your microwave and top with NZProtein Low Calorie Syrup. Don’t knock it until you try it. They taste just like pancakes.

egg whites in bowl stock image

Protein Powder

Protein powder is versatile and convenient. You can take it on the go and shake it up or you can sneak it into other recipes. Hundreds of new protein dessert recipes are posted online everyday. We have plenty on our website. Our protein waffles are especially popular. You can also use protein powder in your yoghurt. Stirring it in will create a mousse-like consistency which is delicious.

protein powder smoothie stock image

Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are full of vitamins, minerals and protein too. A quarter cup of these bad boys will provide you with 10 grams of protein and only 180 calories. You can snack on these like nuts or sprinkle them over salads for more texture. They are relatively inexpensive and super convenient.

pumpkin seeds loose stock image


Spirulina is a green substance derived from algae. Sounds a bit strange but it has 57 grams of protein per 100g and is full of vitamins like niacin and choline. A popular way to use it is in smoothies or milkshakes. A sneaky spoonful in your daily shake is an easy way to boost the protein and nutrition content. It is also a great way to add a vibrant green colour to your recipes. This will come in handy for events like St Patty’s Day!

spirulina being poured stock image

Protein Pasta

If spaghetti bolognese and pasta are a staple in your household, make the swap to protein pasta. It tastes the same as regular pasta but comes with a whopping 22.4g of protein per serve. NZProtein fettuccine is low in carbs, gluten free and vegan making it suitable for all dietary requirements.

nzprotein edameme fettuccine bag

Milk Options

Whether you are plant based or not, most people consume some form of milk regularly. Regular cow’s milk is incredibly nutrient dense and contains both casein and whey proteins. Blue top milk provides 8.3g of protein per cup. Trim contains 10g of protein per cup and is lower in fat and calories.  They are both great sources of protein.

If plant based milks are more your vibe, definitely check the nutrition info of the brand first. The protein content of plant based milk options will vary depending on what kind it is. Soy milk contains the most protein for the least calories (compared to oat, hemp, and almond). Swapping from oat to soy is a simple change that will bump up your protein intake!

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“I struggle to get enough protein” is just an excuse. There are plenty of protein hacks out there. You just need to make some sneaky swaps. A few changes here and there can bring your protein intake up to an optimal level. This will have you feeling more energised and recovering well from workouts! The benefits of a high protein diet are many and you deserve to reap all of them.