Christmas Gifts Ideas For Your Fit Friends


Christmas Gifts Ideas For Your Fit Friends

Buying Christmas gifts for your fit friends can be tricky. Usually they know what they like and won’t appreciate a generic box of chocolate or another pair of socks. Before you buy them something they already own, have a read of this article. We have compiled a list of creative gift ideas for your gym loving buddies. You likely haven’t seen some of these products before and your mates won’t have either. Make this Christmas the best one yet by  getting them a present that they will actually use and appreciate.

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Homemade Protein Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are a long running Christmas tradition. The first time a chocolate one appeared on the market was back in 1956. Contrary to popular belief, they are not just for children. Adults derive just as much pleasure from receiving a daily treat as kids do. Unfortunately most advent calendars come filled with cheap chocolate which is not particularly nutritious. Anyone with health and fitness goals won’t appreciate that very much. Instead of a generic advent calendar from the supermarket, create a homemade one that your gym buddy will really love. Buy 25 different healthy treats and wrap each one individually. Number them off so that they have a nutritious daily treat. You could include protein powder samples, protein marshmallows or even healthy chocolate bars. Ask them what their favourite healthy snacks are and include those too. The best gifts in life are both thoughtful and tasty.

Massage Voucher

There is nothing better than a relaxing massage when your muscles are tight and sore. We all know that a good rubdown feels amazing. But studies also show that massage puts you in a good mood, reduces stress and improves quality of life. We are not suggesting you have to massage your mates for Christmas. Instead, you should get them a voucher to a local massage place so they can have a wonderful experience on the house. Make sure to check the Google reviews before you buy. Some parlours are better than others and you want to make sure to give the best gift possible.

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Do you have a mate who produces seriously stinky protein farts? Well you better get them some Shreddies for Christmas. Shreddies are flatulence filtering undies. They are made from a carbon cloth which absorbs and eliminates odours coming from your butt. Not only do Shreddies make undies, they also sell trousers, shorts and cushions. This gift would benefit your farty friend as well as everyone in sniffing distance from them. These undies are not just a novelty. They genuinely work and have won awards. If you have friends with bad protein farts, IBS or gastrointestinal issues, make their day and buy them some Shreddies.

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Meal Prep

Meal prepping can be a drag sometimes but not when you have funky containers to use. While you can get some convenient ones from Kmart, there are classier options available too. If you’re feeling super generous you can also get a macro friendly recipe book to pair them with. Alternatively you could print off some NZProtein recipes or fill the containers with your own healthy bakes. Find out their favourite Christmas treat and whip up a higher protein version. They will definitely appreciate the thought and effort behind this. If your pal is too lazy to cook food themselves you could get them a voucher for a meal prep company instead. Companies like Get Fed have this convenient option available online. Considering the price of food these days, this would be the ultimate gift and it will make your friend’s life a whole lot easier.

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Hip Thrust Belt

The hip thrust belt is the perfect gift for anyone trying to grow the peach. Studies show that hip thrusts are an essential exercise for not only building glute strength but also improving your sprint times. Unfortunately setting up barbell hip thrusts can be time consuming and not everyone has the equipment available. With the hip thrust belt, all you need to do is strap it around your hips and add dumbbells. Set yourself up in a good position on the floor or a bench and thrust away. With this belt it will no longer matter if the hip thruster machine at the gym is occupied because you have your own portable version. Grab one of these brilliant inventions for your bootylicious friend and they are guaranteed to love you forever.

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Shaking up your protein by hand is so old school. Everyone knows it tastes better when blended with ice. Nutribullets are cheap as chips these days and always go down a treat. Even if your friend already has a bullet, they tend to wear out or get stinky rather quickly. Get down to your local appliance shop and grab your friend a nutribullet blender. If you want to go above and beyond, you could also get them some protein powder or a smoothie recipe book to go with it. Not only is this a thoughtful gift but it is highly practical too.

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Waffle Maker

Move over protein pancakes, waffles seem to be the latest trend. Unfortunately most people don’t have a waffle maker lying around which is surprising because they are super cheap and easy to find. You can even order them online or get them at The Warehouse. Fun fact, our NZProtein pancake mix doubles as a waffle mixture. Just add water and you’re good to go. If you have a friend who loves sweet treats but also cares about their nutrition, a waffle maker and some protein pancake mix on the side would be the ultimate gift. You could even grab some low calorie syrup to drizzle on top of those delicious waffles. Gifts don’t get much better than that.

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Life is too short to give boring gifts. Don’t waste your money on junk that will never get used. Show your fit friends you truly care about them and their goals by getting them presents that resonate with their values. Not only are the ideas suggested above creative, they are super affordable and easy to get ahold of. Now you no longer have to fret about being secret santa for the gym obsessed member of your friend group. Get inventive and find them a gift that is both exciting and aligns with their healthy lifestyle.