How to Hit Your Protein Goal on a Budget


How to Hit Your Protein Goal on a Budget

Getting enough protein in this economy is not an easy task. Most of us want our muscles to grow without causing our wallet to shrink. Although it’s easy to blow your weekly pay on the latest supplements, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of options available that won’t break the bank. Read below if you want some handy tips to keep your protein intake high and the cost down low.

Buy Protein In Bulk

Protein powder is one of the easiest and most efficient methods of hitting your daily intake goal. At NZProtein, we offer a discount to customers who purchase multiple bags. Buying in bulk is a great way to save a few dollars. Why get a kilogram of whey protein for $46 when you can buy five for only $200? You don’t have to have them all for yourself. Find some gym buddies and place a big order to share. Another upside to bulk buying is that you can mix and match flavours. Sometimes drinking the same flavour every day becomes monotonous. Keep your diet exciting by having a range of flavours to choose from. This way you won’t get bored of your diet and you’ll be getting your protein at a cheaper price.

Grab The Cans

Buying fresh is not always best. Canned foods have a longer shelf life and are significantly cheaper than their fresh counterparts. A tin of tuna costs less than $2 and packs in a whopping 20g of protein per 100g. This is why it is such a staple in a bodybuilder’s diet. Tuna is an obvious one but don’t forget the other canned options like beans, lentils, sardines and chicken. Some of these convenient options can be taken on the go and won’t set you back more than a few coins. Don’t believe the claim that canned foods aren’t as nutritious as fresh. They may actually contain more nutrients because the canning process preserves what is inside. Just keep your eyes peeled for the no added salt/sugar options and you’re good to go.

brunswick brand sardines in spring water


Oats really are the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time). They are delicious and can be made in a matter of minutes. You can keep them in the pantry for yonks and stir in some protein powder for a delicious breakfast. In addition to all of these benefits, they are also relatively cheap. You can find them at the local supermarket for around 40 cents per 100g. Some retailers may even have them cheaper than this. Shop around and find the best deal possible. Although they only contain around 13g of protein per 100g, this is better than nothing and will contribute to your daily goal. Adding whey, yoghurt or egg whites to your oats will boost the protein content and make for a satiating meal. If you’re looking for cheap, convenient ideas then take a look at the NZProtein oats sachets. These are only $2.80 a sachet, contain over 22g of protein and are absolutely delicious on their own.

nz protein oats sachet

Broth It Up

Do you love the taste of a hearty soup? Bone broth contains around 12g of protein per cup. It’s a quick and easy way to hit your protein intake, especially on colder days. Broth is mouthwatering just by itself but you could also add it into stir fries, sauces or pour over noodles. You could make your own by boiling bones, buy it from the local supermarket or grab some NZProtein collagen broth soup online. Don’t settle for boring packet soups that are high in sodium and low in protein. Give your body the sustenance it wants and deserves. You are guaranteed to froth after trying NZProtein broth.

nz protein collagen broth soup jar

Tofu Time

Plant based folk out there already know the many health benefits of tofu. Not only is it an easy protein source but it’s also nutrient rich and inexpensive. 100g of tofu will net you a satisfactory 17g of protein. This is nothing to sniff at. Tofu is one of the most versatile foods because it has a relatively long shelf life and you can flavour it up however you like. Try chucking it into a stir fry, include it in an omelette or even make silken tofu chocolate mousse! Anyone who says they don’t enjoy tofu just hasn’t learnt how to prepare it correctly. Once you find a recipe you enjoy, it will become a dietary staple.

fried tofu blocks on a white plate

Value Whey

Whey powder is an obvious choice for those wanting to consume more protein. But did you know you can save money by purchasing a value option? NZProtein value whey is only $41 per kilogram. The difference between regular whey and value is the country of origin. The reality is that New Zealand whey is expensive. Demand for our dairy products is high and producers can get away with charging extortionate sums for it. Value whey comes from Germany and is more reasonably priced. This product still does the trick and is perfect for those who don’t have money growing on trees. The only one who will notice a difference is your bank balance.

nz protein value whey pack 1kg


You don’t have to be a millionaire to hit your protein goal. There are plenty of reasonably priced protein sources if you know where to look. Get creative, buy in bulk and swap to value whey if you want to preserve the bank account. Muscle building takes time and requires a lot of protein. Don’t prolong the process by skimping on your intake. Pick the wallet friendly options and get it in there. Your muscle recovery will be better for it.