Super Smoothie

Chia, Collagen, Matcha, Super Blend

Super Smoothie

A super smoothie jam-packed full of nutritional powerhouses to help set your system up for peak performance.


-    1/4 cup NZProtein chia seeds
-    1 ½ cups hot water
-    2 scoops NZProtein collagen
-    1 tsp NZProtein matcha powder
-    1 tsp NZProtein super blend
-    6 small feijoas

super smoothie on table with feijoas


1. In a cup mix hot water, matcha, super blend, and collagen until fully dissolved.
2. Add chia seeds and stir as they swell to ensure there are no clumps.
3. In a blender place feijoa flesh and ¼ cup cold water and blend until smooth .
4. Stir feijoas into chia seed mixture until fully blended .

Can either be consumed hot or cold depending on preference.