Important Company, Packaging Updates


Important Company, Packaging Updates

There's a lot going on at NZProtein. We've got a bunch of updates so we've put them all in this blog post so that you know what's going on.

Packaging Updates

Great news - there's new packaging being rolled out! We've given our protein supplements and protein powder packs a little bit of a spruce up. 

We're getting through the old packaging and into the new stuff, so you'll slowly see it starting to appear. 

The main differences are the supplement range get better containers, and the 1kg bags get better quality bags that are easier to store and use.

Before After
old BCAA label before shot new BCAA after shot
old 1kg bag before shot new 1kg bag after shot

No More 5lbs Tubs (Or 10lbs Boxes)

The NZ Whey 5lbs tubs have become difficult and it's time we stopped them.

This wasn't an easy decision, but there's why we've decided to go with it:

  • The 5lbs tubs themselves have risen sharply in price recently for us to buy.
  • Required order volumes are larger than before. Ordinarily this wouldn't be an issue, but we do not have space left in our warehouse (empty 5lbs tubs take up a lot of space). 
  • 5lbs tub sales have decreased with the introduction of discounted 1kg packs when two or more are purchased. Not only are our NZ Whey 1kg packs are discounted if two or more are purchased, but they also allow for mixed flavours whereas the 5lbs tubs do not as easily.
  • A lot of plastic goes into those and we want to send less to landfills. The 1kg packs are mostly foil based and create far less waste.

no more tubs

Here's how we're going to be even better:

  • The NZ Whey 1kg packs are discounted in bulk. So you can get two, three, four or even five packs and it's discounted the more you get. The prices work out to the same 5lbs and 10lbs prices anyway!
  • We're bringing in more flavours. As we type this, there are currently 15 flavours available in the NZ Whey 1kg with even more coming. Mix em!
  • We offer 1kg refillable plastic tubs on the site here. The 1kg are a great size as they easily fit in your gym bag, in the pantry, in the car, etc. They're much easier to use than the larger 5lbs tubs.

Since the 5lbs tubs are going, the 10lbs boxes will too. It makes no sense to just offer 10lbs without the 5lbs step in the middle!

Otherwise, they're still the same great products you know and love - with a few flavour upgrades per below.

Flavour Updates

We've found some great new natural New Zealand made flavours that we've started using in some products including our:

Previously we used flavours mainly from Australia and the USA. You may or may not notice the difference - our goal is to always improve, so if you do notice then we hope it's in a good way!

protein powder with shaker in background

Website Updates

We've made choosing the flavours easier than ever with a few updates to our website. Now all of the flavours show up as images, rather than the previous dropdown menu. So whether you're on a PC or on a mobile you can see what you want and just click on them to add. Super easy!

flavour image icons on product page

New Premises/Products

We are going to be moving to Otahuhu soon. While it's a bit further away than East Tamaki for some, the premises is larger.

With the move to the new premises and removing the [very space consuming] 5lbs tubs and 10lbs boxes we'll be able to manufacture a heap of new products that our food scientists have spent the past two years creating.

These products are all sugar-free, high protein foods that don't exist anywhere else in the world, so watch this space.