Protein is an essential component of a healthy balanced diet as it is necessary for building, repairing, and maintaining all cells in the body. Athletes and active individuals typically require higher protein intakes. This increased need for protein can easily be met through supplementation of one of our formulations:




The most popular protein powder, rich in amino acids and Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs).

It digests quickly, making amino acids and their muscle-repairing benefits available to the body quickly.

Fast digesting and extremely high in protein and BCAAs.

Contains virtually no fat, carbohydrates, or lactose.

Slow digesting protein that's high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates.

Especially useful for prolonged periods without feeding (such as before bed).

Eggs are a great source of protein, particularly the egg whites, as they have a high amino acid profile and are virtually fat-free.

Pasteurised so it’s safe to drink.

Plant based protein.

Peas are amongst the most digestible protein sources available and are considered a popular choice for vegetarians, vegans and those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

How it's Made

'Clean' protein - hormone and GMO free, from grass fed NZ dairy cows that aren't factory farmed. Formed during the cheese making process.

Ultra refined and 'clean' NZ whey, formed through an advanced ion exchange process.

Caseins make up to 80% of the protein in cows milk. They are separated from the milk and processed into consumable protein powder.

Made in Europe via a high-heat pasteurisation process where the protein is left to dry and turned into a powder.

Made from yellow split peas grown in Canada and processed at low temperature to maintain nutritional quality.

Complete Protein

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>100 (highest)

>100 (highest)



~80 (TBC)

Speed of Digestion

Protein per 100g

Protein: 79.8g
(BCAAs: 19.5g)

Protein: 93.9g
(BCAAs: 26.2g)

Protein: 69.9g
(BCAAs: 21.4g)

Protein: 81.8g
(BCAAs: 19.1g)

Protein: 80g
(BCAAs: 15.1g)


Flavoured whey proteins taste very good and are very easy to drink.

Has a light fluffy texture because it has virtually no fat.

Mixes thicker than whey.

Flavoured tastes good. Natural tastes like natural egg whites, but is easy to overcome this when made into a smoothie with fruit etc.

Pea has more of a neutral taste than whey, and a natural plant based after-taste that is more noticeable with the natural unflavoured.

Allergen Info

Contains milk and lactose which can affect a small amount who may suffer from dairy intolerances.

Some cocoas used contain soy lecithin.

Whey is naturally gluten free (note the cookies n cream flavour contains wheat)

Contains milk and virtually no lactose. Contains soy lecithin.

Whey Isolate is naturally gluten free.

Contains milk, casein. Low lactose.

The cocoa (chocolate flavour) contains soy lecithin.

Casein is naturally gluten free.

Contains egg, but is dairy and lactose free.

Egg White is naturally gluten free.

Hypoallergenic and non-acidic.

Pea Isolate is naturally gluten free and is vegan friendly.

The peanut butter flavour contains peanuts and is manufactured in a separate facility to the other flavours.





Mixes thicker than whey so more liquid needs to be added.


Flavoured mixes better than natural but it is recommended to add liquid before the powder in a shaker. Natural unflavoured mixes best in a blender.


More liquid should be added to mix it than with whey.



dairy cows

dairy cows

dairy cows


split peas

Consume protein from a variety of sources

With protein sources, the whole is often greater than the sum of its parts. Combinations are commonplace and fill nutrient gaps of single protein sources. In other words, consume protein from a variety of sources as all sources have their own advantages.

Supplement with protein powder for muscle repair/gain

Adequate intake of protein is essential for optimal functioning of the body and supplementing with protein powders is a good way to aid in the recovery of muscle and the building of new muscle. If you are working out in order to build muscle then it is a good idea to add protein powder to your diet. A supplement (or "shake") should not be used to replace real food but rather, be used to add extra protein to the diet that cannot otherwise be consumed via food.

There are plenty of ways to consume protein but powders are fast, convenient, and often lower cost. They also have a smaller fraction of the fat and cholesterol found in some foods.

Supplement with protein powder for weight loss

Protein increases the feeling of satiety and fullness, which may help curb overeating. It is also important for maintaining muscle mass when doing exercise - the energy boost you get from the powder can help you push your muscles harder during your sweat sessions.

Supplement with protein powder for overall health

Studies have shown some proteins to aid in delivering bioactives throughout the body and to lower cholesterol. Supplementing a protein powder with a healthy diet could help with lowering cholesterol, blood pressure or body mass quicker than just eating a healthy diet alone.

Suitable for men and women

All of our products are suited to both men and women.